Services We Provide

Here at Matrix Engineering, we offer a variety of services such as Geotechnical & Environmental Engineering, as well as Construction Materials & Lab Testing. We constantly strive and succeed in providing our services with the highest caliber of quality. Our thoroughness permeates all facets of our services from our clear and concise reporting system to the individual services that our staff of professionals provides every day. It is our intention and goal to give the best possible experience when involved with a project for all of our customers.

Geotechnical Engineering  Services

Concerned with the engineering behavior of earth materials. We use the principles of soil mechanics and rock mechanics for the solution to our respective engineering problems.

Construction Materials Testing & Lab Testing

We test the materials used to build new projects, add to existing projects, or amend existing construction projects. 

Special Inspections Services 

We provide Special Inspection Services to make sure all projects are “up to code.” Every commercial project currently under planning or construction is governed by the International Building Code (IBC) Special Inspections protocol. 

Environmental Engineering Services

Here at Matrix Engineering Group, Inc. our engineers use the principles of engineering and soil science to develop solutions to environmental problems.

Multi-Channel Analysis of Surface Waves

The Multi-channel Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW) is a seismic method used to evaluate the shear-wave velocities of subsurface materials through the analysis of the dispersion properties of Rayleigh surface waves  The data are collected on the surface without the need of borehole.

Matrix Engineering Group, Inc.

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