The Living Building

  • Project Date: February 2018

  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia

  • Client: Georgia Institute of Technology

  • Value: $25,000,000

The Living Building, or the “Kandeda Building,” is the first of its kind in the southeast region of the U.S. It’s design allows it to be an eco friendly, regenerative, self sustaining building. The project has allowed Georgia Tech to lead by example and show that designs that are similar in concept are possible. With traits that such as the solar panels on the roof, on-site treated collected rain water, compost restrooms, and innovative insulation techniques, the building is able to generate more energy than it puts out. The building is also able to avoid the burden of existing infrastructure and saves money on utilities as well.  Living buildings are the future, and here at Matrix Engineering Group, Inc. we welcome the opportunity to be a part of such innovative projects by proving Soil Testing, Geotechnical, & Construction Materials Testing services.

Staff Involved

Project Manager:

  • Amin Tomeh, PE, PMP, DGE

Lead Inspectors:

  • Eric Taylor, ICC
  • Ahmad Shakib Shahem, 
  • Robin Thomas,
  • Teddy Negewo, EIT
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