Education & Higher Learning

Matrix Engineering maintains its strong commitment towards education and higher learning. We value providing our services to schoolboards and colleges. Since it's inception in 1994, Matrix has completed hundreds of educational facilities in the state of Georgia ( i.e new schools, additions, renovations, modifications as well as playfields ).

We are currently working with several Metro Atlanta and City Schools under annual contract or as a qualified firm, Geotechnical, Environment, Materials Testing, or as a Special Inspection Agency. Matrix has routinely performed Risk Hazard Analysis studies to assist School Districts in compliance with the Georgia Department of Education (DOE) requirements for site approval purposes.

When we become a part of your project, we just don't see it simply as another job, but a task that needs to be completed at the utmost highest priority. That means that when we're a part of your project, we not only see that it's done, but done properly and efficiently. We cut no corners, because providing future generations new facilities and tools that they deserve is something that we pride ourselves in giving. Many of us here at Matrix are parents ourselves, and want the best for the youth of tomorrow and its community.

Take a look at some of the projects we've had a hand in, and see why we're the best fit for you.